It’s always a wild ride in the Cryptosphere – Biggest Movers this Week Revealed!

If you’ve been tuning into cryptocurrency news, you will already know it’s been another exciting week with unexpected ‘movers and shakers’ in the market. This week’s biggest risers include XMR (Monero) and the biggest loser being XRP, which dropped by 4%.

Monero (XMR) – Up 16% for the Week

It seems XMR is on a high, soaring 16% for the week to reach a 1-month high. This is great news for XMRholders and those following the coin will be keen to see what’s going on.

The reason for the sudden surge is still unclear, but XMR is known to be one of the more privacy-focused coins and with governments like the US introducing more stringent crypto regulations, it will be interesting to see whether XMR can continue to rise.

XRP – Down 4% for the Week

As for XRP, it looks like it’s been having a hard time. The coin dropped 4% for the week and appears to have been on a downward slide for the past few weeks.

The cause of the drop hasn’t been made clear but when it comes to XRP, it is often linked to its parent company, Ripple Labs – which is facing allegations of breaching U.S. securities laws.

So What Now?

Cryptocurrency is an unpredictable world, and predicting the rise and fall of coins is no easy feat.

While historical performance is worth paying attention to, it’s important to remember that this can all change in a matter of moments. It’s a highly volatile market and there’s a lot of speculation and hype out there, so buyer beware!

So whatever you do, never forget the wise words: ‘ Cryptocurrency is a risky business and should be treated as such’.