Will the Libdogecoin Update Make Dogecoin the King of Memecoin?

Dogecoin (DOGE) just released a major update for the Libdogecoin, its library for developing DOGE projects. Could this be the spark that will set DOGE price on fire and make it the undisputed king of Memecoin?

What is Libdogecoin?

Libdogecoin is a library developers can use to write projects on the Dogecoin network. It is based on very popular Bitcoin-based library, Libbitcoin. Being able to write projects on the Dogecoin network can unleash its vast potential by creating use cases that could attract people and make Dogecoin soar.

What the Update Brings?

The Libdogecoin update is packed with features to facilitate the development of projects on the Dogecoin network:

  • API simplification: The API was improved to be simpler and more versatile, making it easier to use for developers.
  • Library Improvement: The library was improved with bug fixes that are sure to make developing projects on DOGE network smoother.
  • Network Efficiency: Overhaul of the Dogecoin transactions system to make transactions faster and more efficient.

Will the Update Raise Dogecoin Price?

The hope of dogers is that the cost of Dogecoin will rise as more people start to use the technology to create new projects. Whether the update to Libdogecoin will have that effect remains to be seen.

However, it would be unwise to discount the potential of such an update – more people are likely to come to the Dogecoin network, both to use its services and to invest.


The update to the Dogecoin network libraries is a sign the developers of Dogecoin are putting in the effort to make their project better, and that will always result in a better valuations for the coin.

Whether the update to the Libdogecoin is enough to make DOGE the undisputed King of Memecoin remains to be seen, but it certainly goes a long way to proving that Dogecoin is here to stay and as mighty as ever!