Tom Brady’s Wife Blindsided By FTX Collapse

Tom Brady’s estranged wife and supermodel, Gisele Bundchen, is speaking out against the recent collapse of venture capital firm FTX.

It appears that Ms. Bundchen feels that the sudden and drastic demise of the company in question was unpredictable and caught her off guard. She claims to have been “blindsided” by the incident and suggests that FTX should have taken channels to better inform its investors of potential pitfalls.

What Is FTX?

FTX, or FutureX for short, is a venture-capital firm that was founded in 2017 and specialized in early-stage investments. It offered a regularly updated and monitored portfolio that was specifically tailored towards tech startups and early-stage companies.

Gisele Bundchen Takes On FTX

Ms. Bundchen has been an avid supporter and investor of FTX since its launch in 2017, so it comes as no surprise that she feels betrayed by the sudden news of its collapse. In a statement released recently, she had these choice words to say:

  • “I truly believed in the company’s mission and I’m shocked to hear the news. It’s disappointing that the company failed to inform its investors of the potential pitfalls of investing in early-stage companies.”

Despite Gisele’s apprehension, it looks like Tom Brady was ahead of the game on this one. It’s been reported that he sold all his shares of FTX stock prior to the company collapsing.

Other Investors Speak Out

In addition to Gisele’s scolding of FTX, other former investors have expressed their own grievances as well.

  • A California-based analyst called the company’s actions irresponsible and said it is precisely this type of “reckless behavior” that leads to the downfall of so many tech companies.
  • A New York-based investor complained of FTX’s lack of transparency and suggested the firm could have done more to inform its investors of potential risks.

In other words, it looks like FTX is getting severely burned from all angles!


Overall, Gisele Bundchen’s claims of being “blindsided” by the FTX collapse seem to be shared by other investors as well. Despite Tom Brady’s foresight, the fact remains that the company failed to adequately inform its investors of the potential hurdles.

Perhaps this story will serve as a cautionary tale to other companies out there, and ensure that they take the appropriate steps to ensure their investors are adequately informed of potential risks.

On the other hand, maybe not. After all, we did just witness one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time selling his stocks in time. Maybe we should all take a page out of Brady’s book and pay closer attention to Wall Street.