Shiba Inu: These Are The Key Takeaways From The Shibarium Docs

If you’re anything like us and your love for Shiba Inu is unique and unparalleled, then you’ve likely heard about the Shibarium Docs. Trust us, you need to check them out. From what we can tell, they offer some of the best insight into these four-legged furry friends, and we’ve taken the time to summarize the key takeaways for you.

They Love Attention

If you’re contemplating bringing a Shiba Inu into your home, then get ready for some quality time. These adorable bundles of energy thrive on lots of beams of love and attention, so if you’re expecting to just come home and sit on the couch all evening, it might be best to skip the pup.

They’re Notoriously Messy

And we mean it. Shiba Inus are notoriously messy, whether it’s a blanket that needs washing, a drool-filled toy or even just a pile of undone laundry.It’s best to keep an eye out for any sneaky messes your pup might make – and if you don’t, don’t be surprised if you come home to quite the surprise.

They Love Their Toys

Shiba Inus love the assortment of creations that their humans provide them. From stuffed animals to squeaky balls, they can appreciate just about anything. Make sure to always have a variety of playthings around to keep them entertained – it’ll save your house from being destroyed in the process.

They’re the Best Companions

The number one key takeaway from the Shibarium Docs is this: this breed truly enjoys the companionship of their loved ones. They’re loyal, friendly and affectionate, so if you’re looking for a pup who will always be by your side – look no further than the Shiba Inu.

So, if you’re one of the Shiba Inu-lovers out there – hopefully these key takeaways from the Shibarium Docs have got you even more excited for these amazing pups! Good luck!