18 Crypto ATMs Off The Streets – How Convenient!

It looks like the US government is particular about one thing – money laundering! This week, the authorities seized 18 crypto ATMs found to be purchased using fraudulent Small Business Administration (SBA) loans. On top of this, the owner of these ATMs was also arrested. Woof!

Fraudulent SBA Loans Finally Seizing Up!

The authorities found out that the owner had purchased these ATMs using the SBA loans from legitimate businesses. This was done to hide the source of the funds and avoid taxation or other regulatory procedures. Boo!

May The Crypto ATMs Rest In Pieces

As a result of the investigation, the authorities seized the ATMs. That’s right — none of them looked too pleased. We hope these ATMs are completely destroyed, and any further attempts to buy crypto assets using fraudulent loans is nipped in the bud.

Do What’s Right Or Deal With The Consequences

To anyone who might have the same ideas – we have a word of advice – don’t do it! Being deceitful not only has serious legal consequences, but also it is unfair to honest traders and businesses. So, do the right thing, don’t get caught and spare us the unpleasantness.

In conclusion, we are glad that the authorities took this matter seriously as it is a clear sign that fraudulent SBA loans will not be tolerated. We hope that all the seized ATMs are totally destroyed and those who were involved get a taste of their own medicine.
Never mess with the US government!