Will Do Kwon Do the Time in Montenegro?

Do Kwon has been on the run from the law for quite some time now and he may have finally reached the end of his rope. It has been confirmed that Do Kwon is facing extradition to Montenegro where he may stand trial on various charges, and this means he could potentially serve time in the Montenegrin prison system before being extradited.

What Happened?

Do Kwon has been accused of numerous offences ranging from drug trafficking to money laundering, and authorities in Turkey, Greece and Montenegro have all been searching for him. After a long hunt, Do Kwon was finally apprehended in Turkey and authorities have since confirmed that he will be extradited to Montenegro.

What Does It Mean?

Given the gravity of the charges against him, Do Kwon is almost certainly going to face trial in Montenegro. This means he may have to serve some of the time for his crimes in a Montenegrin prison before being extradited to wherever he faces the most serious charges.

What Happens Next?

It is unclear what will happen at this point as the case against Do Kwon is still ongoing. However, should he be convicted in Montenegro, then he would be subjected to Montenegrin law and could face a long prison sentence. Even if he is extradited from Montenegro, he could still face further charges in other countries.

What Should You Do?

Do Kwon’s story serves as a reminder to stay on the right side of the law. If you ever find yourself under suspicion of criminal activity, it is best to contact an experienced attorney who can help you navigate the legal system.


Do Kwon’s tale serves as a reminder that no matter how hard you may run, sooner or later you’ll be forced to face the consequences of your actions. So if you’re ever in trouble, make sure to buckle up – you never know where you might end up serving time!