Elon Musk & 2,600 Tech Experts Say AI Needs a Time Out!

Elon Musk and a group of more than 2,600 tech experts are firmly behind the idea of hitting the brakes on Artificial Intelligence development. They have signed a letter asking for an “immediate pause” in the development of AI. What’s comical about this whole situation is the fact that many Artificial Intelligence projects are now being led by, you guessed it, Artificial Intelligence experts! No human title seems safe these days.

Musk & Expert Group Concerns

This band of tech elites isn’t freaking out over nothing. They’re asking for a suspension of AI programs in areas of robotics, automatic weapons, large-scale data collection and analysis, and content generation. To put it another way, basically where AI can make decisions of its own, like in automated military warfare, or algorithms selecting the content you see on your feed, these tech stakeholders have their hawkeye on the matter.

What’s the Rush?

So why the need for an immediate suspension? This star-studded collection of tech stakeholders don’t want to see any mishaps possibly resulting from Artificial Intelligence slipping through the cracks of oversight. They’re calling for an international agreement on regulating AI development, and it’s a good thing! We need these tech leaders to look at the big picture of the world around us and consider the safety of all citizens in the world.

Humor on the Side

It’s not just the development of AI that needs to be put on hold. We want to make sure they also pause on deciding who will lead a future AI project… Maybe they should create another AI decision-making AI to decide who’s best suited for the task? That’d be one shot of AI inception that we’d love to see.

So What Are We Waiting For?

It’s time to throw on the brakes and get a global agreement on the proper regulations, before it’s too late for any of us! We need Elon Musk and 2,600 tech experts to get the world on board and be on the same page when it comes to the proper use of Artificial Intelligence. Let’s get the debate started and come to a positive and responsible decision.