XRP Crazy Train Leaves the Station

Why are XRP holders taking big profits today? The crypto world has been on a wild ride this week, and XRP is right in the middle of it. After a 17% jump today, XRP holders are taking a break to cash in their profits. Here’s why:

XRP On A Bull Run

Since 2021 began, XRP has been on a wild ride. After bottoming out in summer 2020, the digital asset has seen a huge rally in 2021, with the price increasing by over 200%. The last few weeks have been especially crazy, with XRP gaining over 60% since April 4th. The digital asset has become the talk of the town and is making headlines left, right and center.

Time to Take Some Profits

The price increase has been incredible and many XRP holders have been taking profits over the past few days. Profit taking spiked today, with the highest volume since August 2020. With a 17% increase in price and a rather optimistic outlook for the foreseeable future, XRP holders are cashing in their chips and taking home some nice gains.

Can The Bull Run Continue?

That’s the million-dollar question. XRP has seen a lot of bullish action recently and the price has been skyrocketing. The question now is can the momentum continue? XRP has seen a lot of good news lately, so it could be on its way up, but only time will tell.


XRP holders have been cashing in their chips today and taking home some serious profits. The digital asset has seen a huge rally since 2021 began and the bullish trend looks set to continue. If you’re feeling adventurous, now might be the time to jump on the XRP crazy train. But be sure to buckle up tight and remember, whatever goes up must come down at some point.