Hardware Wallet Maker Ledger Raises 100 Million Amigos

Good news everyone! Crypto hardware wallet maker Ledger just closed a whopping 100 million dollar round of funding! That’s enough money to buy a lot of hot cryptocurrency hardware wallets.

The round was led by 10T Holdings, a venture capital firm focused on investing in emerging technologies, as well as fellow investor Draper Esprit.

Growing Demand for Security

It looks like the demand for secure storage solutions is skyrocketing. Ledger has seen a huge spike in orders in the last year with more and more people looking to keep their crypto safe and secure.

Ledger sells a range of different hardware wallets with their flagship device being the Ledger Nano X. The Nano X is a highly secure device, featuring two-factor authentication, on-device PINs, and other anti-theft measures.

What Does Ledger Have Planned?

It looks like Ledger is going to be using the funding to help build out its team, especially in the areas of software security, research, and development. They are also looking to expand their product offerings with a range of new hardware wallets and software solutions for both individuals and enterprise level customers.

Ledger is also looking to expand into the mobile space and make use of mobile wallets for those that want the same secure and hassle-free experience of crypto storage on their phones.

The Future of Crypto Storage is Here

It’s clear that Ledger is staying ahead of the curve when it comes to crypto storage. Not only do they offer highly secure hardware wallets, but they are also investing in new technologies that will only serve to further improve the overall security of crypto storage.

We are excited to see what Ledger has in store for us in the future. We’re sure that their secure storage solutions will take the crypto world to new heights.

So let’s raise a glass of champagne to Ledger and the future of secure crypto storage!